Eagle (Net Albatross) for Sandor Bali!

In today's Member\Member, Sandor made sure his skin would hold with an eagle (net Albatross) on #5!  He hit his hybrid from 150 yards out!

Congratulations Sandor!


MAY 20TH & 21ST A FLIGHT 1ST C. MARTINEZ 29.5pts. $60ea N. MARTINEZ 2ND J. CALNAN 25.5pts. $40ea BRIGHENTI Sun. A. BOOTHBY 10pts. $20ea W. WHEDON B FLIGHT 1ST J. KUZIA 31.5pts. $60ea G. CALDERONE 2ND N. RESTAINE 29pts. $40ea ...
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Date: May 27, 28 & 29 (may play all 3 days but only 1 score will count for overall) Entry Fee: $10 per Day allocated 75% to daily payout pool & 25% to Overall pool. Sign Up: Daily at the ...
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Latest SFMC News!

Hole In One for Don Lockyer!

Don Lockyer aces # 4 during our Point Quota tournament! It's a good thing he paid his $10 with his dues. It should help defray the cost of all the beer he had to buy ...
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Get your Simsbury Farms bag tag!

Do you have a Simsbury Farms bag tag?   If not, you need to get one.  These are the same bag tags used by Don Lockyer our 2017 Hole-In-One contest winner.  For a small $10 donation, you can get a bag ...
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Friends of Simsbury Farms Tournament

It’s that time of year again! The Friends of Simsbury Farms golf tournament! The Friends of Simsbury Farms, Inc. was created to provide financial assistance through the Culture, Parks and Recreation Department to enhance the Simsbury Farms Recreation Complex for ...
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Spring Member-Member 2-day Round Robin

Mark your calendar and call the pro-shop!  Our Member-Member 2-day Round Robin is approaching.  There will be NO eVite for this event!  You must call the pro shop to sign up.  You can pick your own parter or sign up ...
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Volunteers Needed!

It’s that time of year again!  The course is looking great.  Mike and his team continue to make Simsbury Farms a great place to golf.  Now it is our turn to do our small part of the beautification plan.  Each ...
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New Scorecard

There will be four sets of tees for men, which are reflected now in the GHIN system.  There are many benefits to this new design: Minimize confusion Yardage options for all skill levels Equitable forward tee option for tournaments Improve clarity ...
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Join our NEW Google email list?

Google has changed its treatment of emails being sent into and out of Gmail.  When an individual places a large number of recipients (SFMC Membership) in the “bcc” the emails will often get immediately flagged as SPAM.  To make matters ...
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Update from Mike Wallace – on Golf Course projects

Out on the golf course as of March 10th everything has come through the winter in fairly good condition. We have not had a tremendous amount of frost penetration into the ground so it should not take to long for ...
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