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Tee Sign Clean Up May 30th @ 3:00 PM

Each SFMC volunteers clean up the area surrounding our Tee Sign sponsors and tee box plantings. We will be refreshing them on May 30th at 3PM. It would be greatly appreciated for as maany volunteers as possible. You are welcome to bring any family members along to assist. Each tee box is a small project by itself, but when we ...
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33 Page – Full Explanation of the 2019 Rule Changes

If this is too long, take a look at the 8-page summary chart HERE.  Or the 10-minute video HERE ...
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2019 New Golf Rules (video)

This is a great video to explain the new rules. There are ads during the video and a plug for his booklet, but that’s a small price for the info shared ...
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GROSS        1ST J. TAKIFF                          66                 $55ea               B. BECKWITH        2ND G. CALDERONE              67                 $40ea               B. PRIMMER NET        1ST J. FITZPATRICK               55                 $55ea               T. VOLONIS              2ND B. SCHULTZ                     56                 $40ea               J. GINNETTI ...
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A FLIGHT GROSS-                   1st             JOHN CALNAN                          54              $45                   2nd           LOU PERROTTA                       57              $30 NET-                   1st             JOHN BRIGHENTI                    53              $45                   2nd           DON LOCKYER                         54              $30 B FLIGHT GROSS-                   1st    m/c   JOHN POTVIN                           66              $45 2nd  m/c   DAN SULLIVAN                         66              $30 3rd   m/c   GEORGE ALEXANDER           67              $20 NET-                   1st    m/c   RICH LEEK                                 56              $45                   2nd  ...
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1ST       C. MARTINEZ             N. MARTINEZ                                                  188                                          $65ea             D. DELL             M. PHILO 2ND       B. KENDALL             P. MUSZYNSKI                                                190                                          $45ea             S. THIBODEAU             K. OLAUGHLIN             D. HOFFSIS             E. HOFFSIS                                                      190                                          $45ea             J. CONTE             W. FORDE 4TH       A. WAGGONER             B. PRIMMER                                                   196                                          $30ea             P. ADAMOWICZ             S ...
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SFMC Hall of Fame Inductee: Reggie Zurinskas

Reggie Zurinskas was inducted into the SFMC Hall of Fame at our recent annual meeting.  Pictured (L) with Sandor Bali (presenter).  Reggie is both a true champion on the course as well as off.  He has won multiple championships over the years as a member of SFMC and statewide tournaments.  He contributions to our club and CSGA continues today as his passion for the game of golf never wanes.

Please join me in congratulating Reggie on his Hall of Fame status.