Mike Wallace provides an update on course maintenance and possible 5th green project.

SFMC:  Mike, what is the aeration schedule for this year?

Mike:  We are going with 1/2 inch tines in the spring (May 1st) and will do the deep tines in the fall (August 26th).

In the past we have used 5/8 inch in the spring and the time for healing was prolonged due to cooler temperatures and the size of the opening. We are hopeful that by moving it a bit later in the spring and reducing the diameter of the opening the greens will heal a bit quicker.

No one likes the process, least of all the mechanic as it just destroys the mowers and the quality of cut is not good for a week until the sand is finally worked in and the healing starts.


SFMC:  Do you have an update on the 5th green?

Mike:  We have an agreement with John Harvey the Architect that visited us early last year and located forward tee locations for us in addition to other recommendations. He will be evaluating number five and put together a plan. Depending on what he comes up with and how the summer goes it is scheduled for either this fall or next fall for a re-grading of the surface.


We have added the aeration schedule to our calendar.  Dates may change due to weather conditions at the scheduled time.