Join our NEW Google email list?

Google has changed its treatment of emails being sent into and out of Gmail.  When an individual places a large number of recipients (SFMC Membership) in the “bcc” the emails will often get immediately flagged as SPAM.  To make matters worse, if you include attachments or links to web pages you definitely get flagged as SPAM and the email never get through.

So to avoid that problem in the future, we have created a Gmail Group for the SFMC.  This does a few things for us and our members:

  • It turns our email list into a private email group.
  • It provides the ability for each member to opt IN or OUT individually.
  • It allows the club to manage membership to the group.
  • It allows the use of links and attachments if appropriate.

If you opt IN now, you can opt OUT at any time you choose.

Some additional benefits of the group could be bulletin boards for discussions on various topics related to the SFMC and any other topics we could choose, not unlike you see in support forums.  It would keep those topic discussions private to group members only.  The uses will continue to grow in ways that can make our membership even more valuable to all of our members.  So if you haven’t accepted our invitation that was sent last week, you can opt-in here and select save when the window pops up: Join SFMC Group

When you click on the button, it will take you to a google web page and a box will open.  Fill in your name properly formatted in the ID box and answer YES in the box below, then click on apply for membership.  You will be added soon thereafter.

It will also be on the Quick Link menu for future additional members.