Date: May 27, 28 & 29 (may play all 3 days but only 1 score will count for overall)
Entry Fee: $10 per Day allocated 75% to daily payout pool & 25% to Overall pool.
Sign Up: Daily at the SF Starter’s Desk . (Members and Residents welcome)
Payouts: Dependent on participation and mix of entrants. Gross, Net & Callaway
Daily Pool – 75% of daily entry fee pool
3-Day Overall – 25% of 3 daily entry pools
Overall: Player must declare with the Starter prior to teeing off the round that will qualify for the overall.  If no declaration is made, the player’s first daily score will be used for the overall.
Tees: Men-White, Women-Red, and Juniors-Designated Fairway
Forward Tee Option: Combination White-Green Tees (eligible for Net only)
Handicap: 100% (except for Callaway division)

Descriptions:    Participants may enter this event on any single day or multiple days by informing the SF Starter and paying the daily entry fee.   There will be three daily payout pools based on daily participation and one overall 3-day pool.   For players entering multiple days, it’s each player’s responsibility to notify the Starter before teeing off that that day’s score will be used for the Overall.  Otherwise the player’s first score of the weekend will be used for the Overall.  Gross, Net and Callaway (no handicap) scores will determine order of finish and winners.