Membership Sign Up Now Online – Instructions here

We now have our membership application available online.  There are many benefits for SFMC and its members.  You have the luxury of just completing a simple form and check a couple boxes and your application is complete.  You will receive a PDF copy of your application for your records.  Your information is automatically added to a spreadsheet saving valuable time for our membership committee and hopefully avoiding input errors (that’s on you).

Second, you can pay immediately, via PayPal (or credit or debit card) and get an email receipt without having to write a check and put a stamp on an envelope.  None of this is to mention the trees that are saved.  None of these trees are the apple or pine trees lining our fairways, those come down no matter what (kidding)!

Just fill out the online app, making sure you scroll to the bottom and select “Next” on the first page and then “Submit” to complete your application.  You will see a “Thank you” message to confirm you have completed your application.  Then you can proceed to the pay page.  Here you add to your cart the items you want, making sure you select the right membership (Regular <65 or Senior 65+) and whether you want to participate in our “Hole-In-One” contest and the amount you choose to donate to the SHS Scholarship fund.  If the amount you want to donate is not available, you may add as many of any of the amounts available to your cart.  We won’t let technology get in the way of your generosity.

If you have problems, you can contact me at the email link at the top of our homepage!  Our hope is that everyone will try and like our new method of signing up!  Thanks for making the effort.

Sign Up 2018 Here