Spring 45 Hole Round Robin

Our Spring 45 Hole Round Robin is only two weeks away.  This is one of our events where you are required to signup with the Pro shop.  There will be NO eVite invitation for this event.

Here are the details.  Please act soon; this is one of our most popular events and is limited to 30 teams!

Dates: May 19th & 20th

Sign up:  Pro Shop only (deadline May 17th)


  • Pick your own partner.
  • Play five 9-hole matches within your 6-Team flight over 2 days (3 on Sat. and 2 on Sun).
  • Flights are assigned based on total team handicap.
  • Two-man best ball per hole.
  • 10 Point Scoring per match: 1 Point awarded for each hole won plus 1 Point for winning the match for a total of 10 Points per 9-Hole match.  Ties awarded half point.


  • Blue Tees for lower handicap flight(s), as determined by the Pro Shop, and
  • White Tees for all other Flights
  • NO Forward Tee Option

Handicaps: 100% unless the adjusted stroke differential between partners is greater than 8; then 90% handicap applies for both players.