Simsbury Farms Temporary Conditions of Competition effective 3/20/2020

Town of Simsbury compliance with State & Federal guidelines regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) includes the operation of the Simsbury Farms Recreation Complex and Golf Course.  Additional precautions to keep golfer safe have been taken that effect play: rakes removed from all bunkers; cups raised up 2-3 inches; and ball washers covered.   

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Keep social distancing before, during and after play
  • Bring your own towel, food & drink and don’t share with others
  • Don’t touch the flag…leave it in the cup

Conditions of Competition

  1. USGA Rules of Golf apply except for the following:
    1. Scores are NOT acceptable for handicap posting purposes while these temporary course conditions are in place.
    1. ALL Bunkers are deemed “Abnormal Course Condition” so players get free relief by placing the ball nearest the center of the bunker without penalty.
    1. Ball is Holed when it hits any part of the cup.

Stroke & Distance Option – for a Ball Out of Bounds or Lost Ball a player may choose to either take stroke-and-distance relief (1 stroke penalty) or determine the spot where the ball went out and find nearest fairway relief no closer to the hole or within in the designated drop area (2 stroke penalty). Use website for further details.