SFMC Opener Delayed

We want to provide our members with an update on the approaching SFMC season.

Given our current environment, we have decided to cancel the first two events and are now targeting April 25th as our season kickoff.  Every day brings more information about Covid 19 and its approach on our community.  We will continue to meet and discuss our options in conjunction with the pro shop as days pass.

The Match Play Classic start will be delayed with the actual start date to be determined.  We feel there will be plenty of time to get the entire event in during the delayed season.

In the interim, the pro shop will be running side games for those interested over the next three Saturdays.  You should be seeing eVites to sign up for those events.  If you are not receiving eVites, please reply to this email letting us know so we can add you.

Given the accommodations made to allow the play of golf (raised cup, no rakes in trap) we will not require the posting of scores for GHIN in order to maintain a more realistic handicap.

The pro shop has done a great job making the course available to us  and keeping us safe during this crisis.  It is incumbent upon all of us to protect them as well.  Please do not ask for cash change for golf.  Pay with credit card.  In addition, for our events and side games we ask that you bring the appropriate amount of money in an envelope labeled with your name and the date of the event.  It is imperative we minimize (eliminate) all physical interaction with the members of our pro shop.  Remember if one of the team is infected, it will likely require all to be quarantined and closing of the course.

So we ask you to do your part to stay safe and healthy.  Maintain appropriate social distance form staff and your fellow golf companions.  We have a great opportunity to continue to play golf this spring provided we each do our part.