SFMC Season to begin

SFMC Important Announcements

  • At long last our SFMC tournament season will begin on Saturday May 9th!
  • SFMC members should begin to post scores immediately (April 25th)
  • Forward Tee applications must be approved prior to May 3rd ! (go to website for App)

Saturday May 9th we will play a 4-man Two Best Ball.  It will be an ABCD format with the pro shop making the teams.  Look for your eVite to sign up. 

We have already missed a few events which we are re-scheduling.  In addition some event will be postponed until late in the season or canceled all together because the formats (“scramble”, shotgun, etc.) do not allow for appropriate social distancing.  All changes are reflected on our SFMC Calendar which you can add to your phone or download to your desktop.

We will be swapping dates of the Flight Championships and the Presidents Cup to allow more time for players to qualify (2 events) and prepare.

We will be eliminating the hats for the Presidents Cup and reducing the fee.

Match Play Classic will begin May 23rd

1st Round must be completed by June 30th

2nd Round completed by July 31st

3rd Round completed by August 31st

Final Round completed by September 30th.

2020 Posting effective Saturday April 25th

While the course conditions have the cups raised and no rakes available.

Two new temporary rules are in place:

  1. Holing out: The ball is holed out when it hits any part of the raised cup.
  • All bunkers are deemed “Abnormal Course Condition” so players get free relief by placing the ball nearest the center of the bunker without penalty.

Keep your own scorecard to post an Equitable Stroke Control Score.

The maximum score for ESC posting on each hole played is limited to a net double bogey.

Please post all scores same day.

This season is certainly a challenge.  With planning and careful social distancing we can continue to enjoy our schedule of events.  As restrictions are lifted we will look to safely add in our other events combined with some socializing (hopefully).  Our top priority is for the safety of you our members, your families and our community at large.  We all need to be smart and observe the Simsbury Farms guidelines for safe play.  It is imperative in order to keep the course open for our enjoyment.