2020 SFMC COMBO (Forward) Tee (updated)

In the past, eligible members (anyone age 65 or older plus their handicap
equaled 85 or more) could have played forward tees in approved SFMC
events with no handicap adjustment. Due to the lack of rating difference
between the various tee boxes, further tweaks were implemented to level
the playing field. A player with a handicap of 18 or lower played the
Combo Tees and 19+ played the Green Tees.
While many of our members played Men’s club events from the same
tees they enjoyed during their other rounds, several members only
played forward tees during SFMC events. Rather than eliminate the
option of forward tees, so deserving players can compete fairly in SFMC
events, we are implementing a new process to establish eligibility for
forward tee use for 2020 SFMC events.

2020 SFMC Forward Tee Approach:

• Members minimum Age 70 and over plus their Index equals 88 or
higher may be eligible to qualify for use of forward tees.
• Any Member with medical/health circumstances may submit a
• Members who wish to play forward for 2020 SFMC events can just
complete the attached request form and submit it to the
Rules/Handicap Committee at SFMC.news@gmail.com prior to
beginning tournament play for the season.
• The committee will confirm to you and the pro shop of approval
prior to the first SFMC event.
• Once approved, all forward-eligible SFMC events will be played
from the combo tees only, along with most other general rounds.
• Should your status change, please let us know as soon as
possible, so we can accommodate your needs.
• The Pro Shop, with guidance of the Handicap Committee, will determine
handicaps for the Combo Tees and mark scorecards accordingly.