New Flagstick procedures:

I am very pleased to inform the SFMC membership that after a meeting among Tom Tyburski, Mike Wallace, Brian Johnson and John Verrengia a decision has been made to remove the flag stick “plungers” and utilize foam rings in the bottom of the cup. This is a significant improvement to putting the ball out.  The change was made earlier today and I was able to play with the new set up and it works great.

Needless to say SFMC is very grateful and fortunate to have such a wonderful facility and a team that changes with the needs of the club and community.  At the request of the town we need to observe a couple of guidelines.  There should be no reason at all for touching of the flagstick, so please refrain from that activity for any reason.  In addition golf balls should only be removed from the hole with your fingers (not your putter) to maintain the integrity of the hole.

These are minor requests that are common sense to follow.  Please make sure you follow these guidelines and help police others that may not understand.  We have a gem of a golf course in our community and we should all do our part to keep it safe and beautiful for everyone’s use.

I want to thank Tom Tyburski and Simsbury Farms staff for listening and acting so quickly and George Alexander for gathering feedback and exploring “best” alternatives helping us improve our course.

Enjoy the course!

Bob Primmer

President SFMC