2023 SFMC Sign Up Process

How to sign up:

  • SFMC sends an UKG email to all members generally 2 weeks prior to each event. If you miss the email, access UKG Player Portal directly to [Sign Up] for open event(s)
  • Member clicks the “Sign Up” link and enters his RSVP “Sign Up” or “Not Playing”, along with partner name(s) and other information, if prompted.
  • All entrants receive immediate UKG confirmation email with the RSVP designation and partner name(s) for “Pick Your Partner” events. All partners get this confirmation email.
    • Each player can also access UKG player portal at any time for his event status.
  • Sign Up period generally closes at Noon on Wed./Thur. prior to each event so you’ll get a UKG message “Sign Up is Closed”. Call the Pro Shop for possible openings.
  • To withdraw/cancel your Sign Up for an event, go to the UKG Player Portal and “Cancel” yourself. If this is within 3 days of the event, please give the Pro Shop a heads-up call.
  • SFMC may resend UKG Sign Up emails to all members to encourage participation. If you have already signed up, your name will be on the Player List link.
  • When teams, tee times & flights are set (usually 2 days prior to event), a UKG email is sent to all event attendees with links for details…SAVE THIS EMAIL for the event day.
    • Live Scoring
    • Tee Times
    • Teams
    • Player List
    • Leaderboards
    • Results
  • IMPORTANT – each attendee will get an UKG auto-reminder email usually 4-5am on the day of the event noting your Tee Time and playing partners that day, along with event links you’ll want to access during and after the round…SAVE THIS EMAIL until the event is completed and Official Results are posted.

Sign Up at SF (discouraged)

  • While a Tournament Sign Up Sheets will be posted in the Men’s Locker room or in the Pro Shop, members are strongly encouraged to Sign Up via Unknown Golf
  • Should the manual sign-up sheet be used, any future changes must be made on the sheet and/or with the Pro Shop.
  • Members can get Tee Times & Teams via UKG player portal or “Event Tee Times” at simsburyfarmsmensclub.