SFMC Tee Sign Sponsors

The SFMC sells the sponsorships for the tee signs on Simsbury Farms.  The monies are part of a segregated fund which may be used for golf course improvements only.  Often times these improvements are items that failed to receive town funding or were higher on our priority list of things membership would value.  Over the years SFMC has contributed funds for a number of substantial projects that we all enjoy with every round of golf we play.  Please be sure to recognize our sponsors of the tee signs with your patronage whenever possible.  They make our course and club better every year!

One example of this funding is the plantings on each of the tee boxes, which SFMC has funded each year since 2009.  Below is a listing of the Simsbury Farms Men’s Club course improvements’ funded:

2005 Greens De-thatcher $2,000

2006 Drinking Fountains Installed on Holes 4 and 16 $5,093

2007 Flatbed for maintenance truck at the golf course $1,500

2008 Bunker Rakes and Flag Pins $2,126

2009 Shrubs, Flowers, Broken Tee Receptacles, Sand and Seed Bottles $1,700

2009 Installation of new Tee Signs (9) $10,909

2010 Installation of new Tee Signs (9) Broken Tee Receptacles$ 8,991

2010 Practice Area Bench (Ed Gundaker) $1,463

2011 Greens Roller $6,211

2012 Wood Chipper $1,500 Sand and Seed Bottles

2013 Greens Roller $3,000

2014 TOWN OF SIMSBURY (Doug Beach) Bunker Renovations $5,500

2015 Green Top-Dressing Sweeper $3,477

2016 Tee Markers $1,428, 2nd Green Plantings $1,326

2018 Fountain Aerator $3,750

2018 Power Washer for Equipment $3,750

2019 Rebuild 5th Green Complex $10,000

2020 Green Roller $4,200