Reggie Zurinskas-

"The game of golf is played by gentlemen, as gentlemen, with the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct. Golf is the only sport that you penalize yourself for a rule infraction."

PGA Senior Amateur Champion 1991

Reminder: Adjust Hole Scores for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

ESC is an adjustment of individual hole scores (for handicap purposes) in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. ESC is applied after the round and is only used when the actual score or the most ...
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The USGA and The R&A finalized golf’s new Rules for 2019

The process to modernize the Rules began in 2012 and was initiated to ensure that the Rules are easier to understand and apply for all golfers and to make the game more attractive and accessible for newcomers.   While the ...
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Major proposals introduced in 2017 that have been incorporated into the modernized Rules

The following are changes to the original 2017 proposed rules for 2019: Elimination or reduction of “ball moved” penalties: There will be no penalty for accidentally moving a ball on the putting green or in searching for a ball, and a player ...
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2019 Model Local Rule. Alternative to Stroke and Distance for a Ball That is Lost or Out of Bounds

Not effective until 2019 This local rule is not in effect until 2019. Purpose of Model Local Rule.  Significant issues with pace of play can result from players needing to take stroke-and-distance relief for a ball that is out of bounds or cannot be found when ...
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USGA Rules of Golf App

If you want your own copy of the USGA Rules of Golf, download the app to your smart phone.  It is available for either iOS or Android! iOS App                          ...
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The USGA is proposing some major changes to the rules of golf!

As John Kuzia mentioned at our meeting Sunday, the USGA has some exciting and very significant proposed rule changes coming our way in 2019.  They are intended to speed up play and make the rules more understandable to all players ...
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USGA, R&A considering significant rules changes

The Rules of Golf booklet in your golf bag may soon be getting a makeover. As first reported by Golfweek and later confirmed by Golf Channel insider Tim Rosaforte, the USGA and R&A are considering making changes to several key ...
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New Local Rule

The R&A and USGA have introduced a Local Rule, to take effect in 2017, that eliminates the penalty for accidental movement of a golf ball on the putting green. Learn how the Local Rule will apply to your game.  Watch ...
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USGA Position Paper on the Equitable Stroke Control Procedure

FEBRUARY 27, 2015 Over the years, many refinements have been made to the USGA Handicap System including the procedure of adjusting individual hole scores for handicap purposes. Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) sets a maximum number that a player can post ...
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